RESPOND Festival

On 6-8 June 2019, we open the doors to a new festival to present how science and technology can be used to develop new solutions to global challenges.

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RESPOND Festival:

Earth Calling

Please Respond

You are hereby invited to the RESPOND Festival – People, Planet & Technology. RESPOND is a three-day festival spotlighting the world's most pressing problems and the technological solutions being applied or under development to address these problems. We will open the doors to 3,000 visitors, who are invited to a vibrant universe that will inspire, motivate and stimulate all five senses and offer a different experience uniting expertise, community and change.

The RESPOND Festival has something for everyone:


Come and have a drink at the harbour. Enjoy the sun and relax in the chill-out area. Enjoy the tasty food and good atmosphere with colleagues and friends.

Talks and debates

Learn about the state of our planet, new technologies and sustainable transformation when top researchers, engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs share their knowledge. Widen your horizons and join the debate.


Participate in workshops for new specific tools and methods for sustainable transformation. See/touch/feel and learn with biology, technology and much more.

Children and youngsters

Come and learn about and with younger generations. We are inviting them to take part in discussions about our future. You can also participate in a full day dedicated to children and families.