We urge action now! At the RESPOND Festival, we will be looking for solutions and celebrating the potential for change brought about by technology and knowledge.

We will be sharing necessary but complex knowledge about the state of our planet in a relevant, inspiring and engaging way. We will be showcasing state-of-the-art technologies and you will be able to meet active enthusiasts who are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Everyone interested in technology, knowledge and sustainability is invited to take part in a vibrant universe that will enlighten, inspire, motivate and stimulate all five senses and offer a different experience uniting expertise, community, celebration and change.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide the framework for RESPOND. The festival will show us how we can use technology and knowledge to transform the Sustainable Development Goals into specific solutions.


Teknologiens Mediehus

Teknologiens Mediehus is Denmark’s largest publisher of science and technology media, and produces journalism within all areas of technology, engineering, IT and natural sciences.

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Ingeniørforeningen, IDA

IDA is a professional community and trade union with exceptional services and benefits for 118,000 members. We are passionate about technology and natural sciences. Our members are engineers, IT professionals and professional scientists.

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